How to Have a More Global Mindset


On September 24, I attended the lecture, “How to Have a More Global Mindset” presented by Ken Bouyer, an EY Americas director of inclusiveness recruiting. 

Bouyer began by showing us some unexpected statistics. To our surprise, only 8% of the world understands English and 50%+ people speak languages other than the ones we are familiar with. It’s mind blowing how big the world is and how easily we can become secluded and ignorant to other parts of the globe. Perceptions and stereotypes of a certain country may not hold true to its reality. Many students raised their hands to give examples of a time where they were wary of visiting a different country because it is said to have an unappealing environment but realized their perceptions are wrong. Bouyer advised us freshman to embrace every movement, seize every opportunity, and understand the world outside our campus. Everybody we meet and everything we partake in is an experience in itself and we mustn’t take it for granted. To fully grasp a global mindset, we must acquire an intellectual capital, psychological capital, and social capital. We can’t “be happy just to be here.” Instead we should view an opportunity granted to us as a beginning to continue to work hard and strive for excellence. To begin to build a global mindset now, we must interact with diverse people, include others in activities, have authentic conversations with faculty and meet the international students.

I thought Bouyer’s presentation was interesting and helpful. He even mentioned internship opportunities and provided time for upperclassmen to share their experience as an intern during the Q&A sessions. I learned to become more proactive from this presentation – everyone is fighting for success and I can’t fall behind. 


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